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Ankura’s Joint Venture & Partnership Practice is consistently ranked as the world’s leading advisor on joint ventures and non-equity partnerships – helping clients to structure and negotiate new transactions and govern and improve existing ventures. The practice was established in 2020 following Ankura’s acquisition of Water Street Partners. Water Street was founded in 2008 by James Bamford and David Ernst, who were previously the global co-leaders of McKinsey & Company’s joint ventures and alliances practice, and Geoff Walker.


We advise clients across industries and around the world in four areas:

  1. New Transactions
    We advise clients on new joint venture and partnership transactions, working across the deal lifecycle, bringing strategy, legal, and investment banking skills to each deal.
  2. Existing Ventures
    We work with owners, boards, and management teams of existing joint ventures and partnerships to align complex stakeholder interests to better govern, evolve, optimize, restructure and, where necessary, exit ventures.
  3. Corporate Partnership Capabilities
    For companies that have or need to enter into multiple joint ventures or partnerships, we help clients develop corporate partnering strategies, as well as build corporate-level capabilities to better execute new deals and govern existing ventures.
  4. Joint Venture Advisory Group Membership Services
    The world’s only network of joint venture executives.

We understand that succeeding in joint ventures and other partnerships requires a blend of hard facts and analysis, with an ability to align partners around a common vision and practical solutions that reflect their different interests and constraints. Our team is composed of strategy consultants, transaction attorneys, and investment bankers with significant experience on joint ventures and other partnerships – reflecting the unique skillset required to design and evolve these ventures. We also bring an unrivaled database of deal terms and governance practices in joint ventures and partnerships, as well as proprietary standards, which allow us to benchmark transaction structures and existing ventures, and thus better identify and build alignment around gaps and potential solutions.

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