David Ernst

David Ernst is a Senior Advisor at Ankura with more than 35 years of experience advising on strategy, transactions, restructuring, and governance matters. David is recognized as a global expert in the field of joint ventures. He has advised dealmakers and senior client executives across a range of industries, including oil and gas, chemicals, metals and mining, semiconductors, consumer goods, and health care. During his career, he has advised on more than 250 venture transactions in 33 countries, involving more than $300 billion in value, and has also served more than 100 existing joint ventures on governance and restructuring.

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Ankura The Joint Venture Alchemist

Innovations in Joint Ventures – Do or Die?

Pursuing innovation often requires a JV to make investments, potentially including acquisitions and minority investments, in domains that are not explicitly defined within the company’s authorized scope, and to secure funding from owners, which may have other capital needs, low risk tolerance, or insufficient understanding of the market to make such investments. What are JVs to do?

Ankura The Joint Venture Alchemist

Misalignment Scenario Planning

The purpose of this guide is to outline a process to identify potentially obscured areas of misalignment in a joint venture, and to develop potential remedies that can be incorporated into deal terms and other pre-close agreements. Illustrate a case study of misalignment scenario planning.

Ankura The Joint Venture Alchemist

Partnering Self-Assessment Tool – What Do My Partners Think of Me?

The purpose of this tool is to collect feedback from employees at the front-line of partner interactions (e.g., Board and committee members; shareholder representatives, Asset Managers, and individuals in other governance support roles; former secondees; employees providing functional services and support to ventures) on how partners perceive the Company as a JV partner. The second purpose is to provide a systematic and fact-based means to identify areas where the Company can improve as a JV partner.

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