Cybersecurity – Joint Ventures are the Trojan Horse

There is a high likelihood of a security breach at your joint venture (JV), with the FBI reporting that cybercrime has tripled since the pandemic started. Managing cybersecurity risk is no longer optional; it is a business necessity.

Yet, cybersecurity risk is often overlooked or deprioritized by companies when establishing and governing a JV, in favor of a traditional focus on the potential for strategic and revenue growth, access to new markets, cost sharing for large capital investments, and the like. With JVs now commanding a sizeable market share in key industries, companies can no longer afford to ignore reliability and security against cyber-attacks in their JV portfolio.

Join us for a webinar on March 3rd at 10:00 ET as our experts discuss and review the cybersecurity trends and impacts in 2020, the unique threats to JVs, and associated impact to parent companies. We will share some case studies and best practices to protect your JV, employees, clients, and business in these critical times.


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