February Partnership Conversation: Financial Modelling for Joint Ventures

February 28, 2024

Following our first Partnership Conversation that we hosted in January, our next 20-30 minute Conversation will focus on financial modelling for JVs. We’ll explore questions such as:

  1. What is different about financial modeling for a JV transaction vs. another M&A transaction?
  2. What are the common mistakes deal teams typically make when financial modeling for JVs?
  3. How much does the deal structure / financial model really matter to the success of a JV during its lifecycle?

Ankura partnership expert, Lauren Sharp, will be joined by Caitlin Johnson, Aerospace & Defense industry expert, to share her experiences, stories, and tips on financial modelling for JVs.

As a reminder, each Conversation is released on the last business day of the month and can be viewed upon release or on demand thereafter.

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How We Help

We understand that succeeding in joint ventures and partnerships requires a blend of hard facts and analysis, with an ability to align partners around a common vision and practical solutions that reflect their different interests and constraints. Our team is composed of strategy consultants, transaction attorneys, and investment bankers with significant experience on joint ventures and partnerships – reflecting the unique skillset required to design and evolve these ventures. We also bring an unrivaled database of deal terms and governance practices in joint ventures and partnerships, as well as proprietary standards, which allow us to benchmark transaction structures and existing ventures, and thus better identify and build alignment around gaps and potential solutions. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you.

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About the Speakers

Lauren Sharp

Lauren is a Senior Director at Ankura based in London. She advises clients on their joint ventures, partnerships, strategic alliances, and minority stakes. Lauren has over ten years’ experience in building collaborative partnerships, advising on a range of successful partnership transactions and deals across the Consumer, Technology, Healthcare, and Industrials sectors. This includes the early deal phases of developing a partnering growth strategy and structuring a deal, executing the transaction, and conducting performance and governance reviews of existing partnerships to diagnose and resolve issues. Prior to joining Ankura, Lauren has worked in investment banking and consulting, with a focus on maximizing value for her clients.

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