Ankura Joint Venture Index®

The Index is a First-Of-Its-Kind Barometer of Joint Venture and Partnership Activity

Ankura Joint Venture Index®: First Quarter 2021

MARCH 2021 – The last year has been a shock, with many businesses taking the opportunity to recalibrate and reload. Joint Ventures and Partnerships were a central strategy, a key tool to cut costs, raise capital, and access new markets and technologies.

We saw the need for a comprehensive analysis and rigorous measure of the state of the joint venture and partnership market, and its potential impact. We leveraged our in-depth analysis and pioneering standards to that end: this month, we’re introducing the Ankura Joint Venture Index®.

The Index is a first-of-its-kind barometer of joint venture and partnership activity, and a distillation of key trends we’re seeing across industries and geographies. The Ankura JV index rights a longstanding wrong: while Pitchbook, the Deal, and an army of law and consulting firms have been tracking and commenting on M&A activity and trends for years, no one has done this in a sustained and systematic way with M&A’s unruly sibling: joint ventures and partnerships. We’ll bring you the Ankura Joint Venture Index® quarterly.

Ankura Joint Venture Index: First Quarter 2021
Ankura Joint Venture Index®: First Quarter 2021


About the Authors

James Bamford

James Bamford is a Senior Advisor at Ankura based in Washington, DC. He joined Ankura with the firm’s 2020 acquisition of Water Street Partners, which he co-founded in 2008. Water Street Partners has been independently ranked as the number one global advisor on joint ventures since 2017. Prior to Water Street, he was global co-lead of the Joint Venture & Alliance Practice at McKinsey & Company.

Tracy Branding Pyle

Tracy Branding Pyle is a Managing Director at Ankura who specializes in helping organizations navigate complex transactions, and, in particular, joint venture-related transactions. She works with a wide array of U.S. and international companies across industries to help them structure, negotiate, approve, and launch joint ventures to set these ventures up for success. She additionally advises on governance of individual joint ventures and portfolios of joint ventures to help companies to minimize risk, increase efficiencies, and find value. Prior to joining Ankura, Tracy practiced law at Hogan Lovells, where she advised clients on joint ventures, public and private mergers and acquisitions, and corporate governance matters. Tracy is based in Washington, DC.

Lois Fernandes

Lois D’Costa Fernandes is a Senior Director at Ankura, where she leads the firm’s research and analytics on joint ventures and partnerships. Previously, Lois was a founding employee of Water Street Partners and prior to that was a core member of the Joint Venture Practice at McKinsey & Co. She has authored numerous articles on joint ventures and partnerships, including in MIT Sloan Management Review, Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance, and the Journal of World Energy Law & Business.


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